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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 24, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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you that. think long and hard about that. i'm here for you. i promise we'll keep the cursing to a minimum. see you then. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, brian kilmeade, andrea tantaros, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ well, the american people aren't stupid. they know that's not a plan. especially since we're already drilling. that is a bumper sticker. kiloh, yeah. that's right, america. the president doesn't think you're stupid. he's just going to treat you that way. in a speech yesterday president attempted to put concerned americans at ease over rapidly increasing gasoline prices. he attacked his critics and he promised more clean energy and said he wants to penalize oil
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companies by raising their taxes. since you aren't stupid, the president doesn't want you to get your hopes up. >> the easiest thing in the world to make phony election year promises about lower gas prices. >> kimberly: any politician who does something like that in an election year, should be the source of both scorn and ridicule. >> i want to invest that money in clean, affordable, renewable energy sources like wind power and solar power and biofuel so we're not talking about high fuel prices next summer, or the next summer after that. or the summer after that. i want to solve the problem. not just patch things up to get through an election. >> kimberly: okay. but mr. president, what do you think about your political rivals who are concerned with the possibility of $6 a gallon gasoline on your watch? >> only in politics do people root for bad news. that they greet bad news
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enthusiastically. you pay more, they are licking their chops. >> kimberly: i'm glad to hear he would never do anything like that. >> under my plan, of a cap-and-trade system, the electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. >> kimberly: all right, is there anything new here? >> brian: nothing except for absence of cap-and-trade. the rival of 2008, juan williams nods along with me, which is an honor. hi, juan. the other thing to bring up is algae. algae is new. algae can account for 17% of the diesel and oil in the future if we would just adapt it, stop taking it off our tanks and start to put it in the tanks. >> andrea: a big jug of pond scum in your tanks and see if you make it in from long iland to "fox and friends." >> greg: here is the deal, we need help, not kelp. [ laughter ] that audience of students is the perfect audience for green
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energy. it's like talking, going to a rest home and talking about rhianna. they don't know about energy. they don't know about heating oil. they don't pay bills. i mean, if president obama said you could power a car with big foot urine they would have applauded. >> brian: absolutely. >> andrea: can you? >> greg: yes, i tried it. >> andrea: the government will subsidize it. >> kimberly: just like solyndra. we'll subsidize sasquatch. what do you make of this, juan? it's bad news for the president. >> juan: not at all. i'm surrounded by cranky old people on friday afternoon. >> kimberly: oh! >> juan: you said, you said you are talking to -- like going to old people's home and talking about rhianna. i am sitting with this elderly crowd. let's talk about alternative energy, instead of being totally dependent on middle east fuel. you guys are like oh, no, no no. pump, pump, pump. as the president said yesterday, step one from the republicans, drill, baby,
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drill. step two from the republicans, drill, baby, drill. >> greg: wasn't it almost a preventative speech? >> brian: i know you are going to yell and here is what you will yell about. but i don't drill enough and so we have 1.4 trillion-barrels of oil in our, in the ground that we own. we could actually sustain ourself for 250 years. that is longer than you are going to last. >> andrea: if we bill natural gas, there is a bill in the house and a bill in the senate, president obama said i like this. we should do it. why isn't he doing it? we have 90 years of consumption of natural gas in the country. we still haven't did it. in politics you always have to look like you're doing something. libe brian in the green room getting ready for "the five." shuffling papers around. preparing. that's president right now. he is trying to look like he is doing something. but all he has going is blocking drilling and drilling permits; particularly, in the gulf. >> juan: gee, so there was no b.p. oil nil that never happened. >> andrea: there was. you're going to shut down all
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drilling because of one reckless company? >> juan: one reckless company. we never had any oil spills in the united states before. nothing happened at prudo bay? oh, no! >> greg: the argument that it's laughable is the it didn't happen overnight, or it won't be solved overnight. for the last 40-some years they have been arguing against onward drilling, coastal dril drilling. which if we started 40 years ago, it would be. but it will be solved overnight so let's not do it. let's stop saying that. stop saying that. let's just do it. >> brian: when you have 67% of the country who says make the keystone pipeline and if the president is focusing on re-election, i don't understand why not alienate a few environmentalists who want to walk around and say we should don't this, and why not do what 67% of the american people want to do. >> juan: does that make sense? if the guy is desperate to get ere-elected, so it was expedience, he'd so go ahead.
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>> brian: do you believe the keystone pipeline is not ready? >> juan: no, i feel he thinkous have to look at environmental concerns which the republican governor of nebraska objected to it on that basis. >> andrea: the only environmental concerns he's worried about are the environmentalist he is wants to vote for him. >> kimberly: exactly. political pandering, right? >> andrea: can we get back to algae for a second? you know remember when president reagan talked about how trees cause smog? he was the subject of such ridicule for that. could you imagine if this were a republican president talking about pond scum and kelp and algae? for $14 million. >> greg: it goes to his slogan, it's different because i'm obama. president bush got a lot of hard, a lot of pressure from the media over gas prices, which doesn't seem to be happening except around this table. >> juan: oh, no, are you kidding? the white house, the reason he gave the speech, greg, they are apoplectic this is a political vulnerability. >> andrea: what are they
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doing about it, though? >> juan: the other republicans to go at this as a political vulnerability for president obama. >> greg: i don't know apop lec tick means. >> juan: you never saw the movie "apocalypse now"? >> greg: they look at us as people addicted to gasoline. if there is one way to get us off gasoline, it's raise to prices. steven chu even said that. they look forward to rising prices. >> brian: i don't think he wants the answer. >> kimberly: he amount afford it now. first, he has a solution and the idea? play but he is not doing it. he's talking about ridiculous things like algae. it's laughable this is a "saturday night live" skit. it's not. >> juan: you are talking about new drilling in the arctic wildlife refuge. he is talking about more gas exploration in the gulf by 2017, pumping it up 75%. >> andrea: he has been in office three years now.
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all we have heard is enough hot air to power the -- >> juan: wait, were you saying this when president bush was around? oh, if we dealt with this four years ago? we had the reagan. we had the first bush, the second bush. >> andrea: in fairness, president bush released comprehensive energy plans and tried to act on them. >> juan: we have more drilling now, thanks to president bush, by the way, than we've ever had in this country. i don't -- >> andrea: what are we thanking president obama for? >> kimberly: rising gas prices? take a trip down memory lane. i'm ticked off. listen to 2008, this is what he said. see where we are now. >> the gas line of the '70s. democrats and republicans talked about energy in the senate. and nothing has changed. exxon is making $40 billion a year and we're paying $3.50 for gas. i'm barack obama. i don't take money for oil companies or washington lobbyists and i won't let them block change anymore. >> brian: the thing is, when they talk about drilling, is it true? are we drilling more than ever
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before? we are. because of what you mentioned before. i was fascinated to find out leases on open federal land are down 44%. drilling for new wells down 37%. compared to 2007. we have a 50% decrease in monthly deep water permits. democrat is not progress. >> brian: on bush, i was disappointed he caved to his brother jeb bush and didn't drill off the gulf coast. >> juan: a minute ago you said the politicians should do what the american people want on x.l. pipeline. do you think the people in florida, tourist base economy and have concerns about it, one day i'd like to make my grandchild to the beach? >> andrea: and they got the safety award. >> juan: if you see improvement, encourage it. >> andrea: they gave him the safety award before the oil spill. i will give you credit in the sense i think we should not laugh too much at alternative energy. >> juan: thank god. amen. >> andrea: but let the private market do it, not the government. if there is an answer, the private market will find it.
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>> juan: the oil companies making record pro profits and paying people like greg gutfeld the corporate oil -- >> greg: me? >> juan: -- executive record money. >> greg: me? no, no, no. >> brian: is it fair to go to the beach and point out the horizon and say son, look at that oil platform. we'll never forget this day. those are the romantic things that could happen in florida. >> greg: i want to live on an oil platform with you. >> kimberly: that is weird. okay. i want to bathe myself in kelp and algae. >> greg: oh! alternative energy, c'mon. >> kimberly: c'mon. up next, obamacare -- republican intensity. three things that can turn this election around. we're going to break it down for you. that's next on "the five." don't forget to e-mail us at please send in your kelp and algae recipes. ♪ ♪ kgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgg
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>> juan: there is three, count them one, two, three, factors that can easily sway this election one way or the other. first, the economy. then, obamacare. and you can't ignore republican intensity. or lack thereof. but let's start with the economy. although it's been on the up-swing of late, the hill, where my column appears is reporting that america could hit the debt limit again. one more time, before november and the election. and this new a.p. poll shows that 56% want spending cuts versus only 31% who want to raise taxes when it comes to balancing the nation's budget. those are pretty strong numbers. >> andrea: brian made an argument -- try to make argument for spending cuts in an election year. >> juan: right now it's 65%, yes, raise taxes on them. >> andrea: they say they want spending cuts so you say okay, how about cutting this check?
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no, not me. cut brian kilmeade, cut greg gutfeld, don't cut me. >> juan: those are millionaires. most americans would say -- >> andrea: they're not milliontarys, juan. >> brian: we all inherited or money. wetch didn't work a day in our life. >> greg: i hang around shirtless carried around by my servants. >> brian: who merged my bank accounts? why do i share money with greg? >> kimberly: why do i have an office next to you, let alone merge accounts. >> brian: this is somewhat sad. if you expand the numbers you just brought up do you know, you said 65% of the country want millionaires to pay more taxes. do you know what they want them to pay? 30% of their income. it shows that the class warfare argument works. even if the president gets elected, what country is left? everything is turned up on its head. success is taxed and looked down upon. >> juan: no it feels like we're blessed, we're in america. we're doing well. we have to make sacrifice at
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time of financial turmoil when we have high deficit and we need to get the country back track. where you know what? those who have been blessed and have great opportunities -- >> andrea: blessed? >> greg: can i translate that? we can't stop spend something please give us more of your money. that's what you said. >> juan: no, it's not. >> greg: we can't stop spending trillions of dollars so rich people spend, give us more money even though it does no good. an argument based on envy. that's all it is. >> kimberly: spending, ridiculous. transfusing blood to a body with 1,000 cuts on it. what is the point. >> greg: that's disgusting. >> kimberly: sorry. >> brian: the translation that went on. juan has one sentence and it makes me wonder of the about racy of the translation. it makes me -- accuracy of the translation. it makes me question everything. >> juan: obamacare, why aren't you all over this? the american people don't like it. >> andrea: that's next. >> greg: voted in on democratically. gee whiz. the way they did it made
2:18 pm
colligula look like founding father. one of the worst things we've seen in a bill that happened almost overnight. >> brian: it's how it's done more than what it is. >> greg: only more unpopular is when o'reilly showed up at the little people picnic. remember? >> kimberly: he is very tall. very tall. >> andrea: the supreme court will make a decision that likely comes down in june and if they rule it's unconstitutional the whole bill will fall apart. mandate the glue that holds it together. >> juan: what will you do if they rule that it's constitutional and most attorney generals in the country say -- >> andrea: i don't think it will happen. we have been leaping all over it. greg leapt all over it. it's an important issue. you see the people don't like it. voters don't like it. they don't they talk about it in the republican party? i don't know why they dent scream it from the rooftop. premiums have gone up. you do see costs will start to go up. >> kimberly: only 39% of the people want the law and think it should stand. majority of people actually support the law being struck down by the supreme court. >> juan: 40%. i don't think the obama
2:19 pm
administration or anybody has really gone out and made the case. >> andrea: they don't want to. he doesn't want to bring it up in the "state of the union." >> juan: there is a lot to be said. i run into people -- i got to tell you something, this is interesting. obviously, kids stay on their parent's insurance until they're 26. >> brian: parents are upset. >> greg: they don't want to shell out more money. >> juan: secondly, a lot of people, not many at this table, but there are some people who remember the insurance companies weren't covering folks with preexisting conditions. there is a lot of good to be said. you point out the obama people aren't singing it. >> andrea: republicans aren't saying it as loud as they should. but look what he did to get the people covered? he cut half a trillion dollars for medicare. >> juan: stop. >> andrea: put it in obamacare, taking it from the old and give it to the young. you know that's exactly how he did it. >> juan: you know what? let me switch the subject. >> andrea: ohhh! >> juan: i want to ask you guys, i know you guys are so red. every time i come up here, i'm bathed in red. >> kimberly: i am wearing
2:20 pm
blue. >> juan: what do you think of the fact that republican intensities diminished so much? >> brian: you're right. battling between the candidates. i think it is. it's the fact that the rock star didn't get in, chris christie didn't get in, jeb bush didn't get in. >> kimberly: no jeb bush or mitch daniels. >> brian: four people republicans want to put on the pedestal and they're ripping each other apart and you go i could walk away from all four. just yo >> juan: did you see what jeb bush said? i was shocked. he said when he was a conservative, like he's not a conservative now? >> brian: disappointed. >> juan: disappointed in the fellow republicans. >> greg: is jeb short of jeboniah or made up of initials? it's a test. i'll tell you at the end of the show. i'd rather have a spirited debate that gets nasty at times than trance like tone from cult leader where they wait for the spaceship to come down. his name is john ellis bush.
2:21 pm
>> juan: weren't people hoping jeb bush would run for president? he is saying i used to be a conservative and saying that republicans now running are pandering to people's fears. >> brian: but he goes on to say it will stop when we have one candidate. >> juan: but he is being critical of the fellow republicans. >> brian: especially mitt romney who he is close to. >> andrea: i will give you that one. the republican intensity could be down if you do put a moderate who has is seen in there. they're not psyched about it. >> juan: look at the numbers for the primary and the caucuses. the republican turn-out has been down markedly since south carolina. >> kimberly: wait until they pick the nominee. i wouldn't get too freaked out. wait until they pick the nominee. >> juan: wait until they pick the nominee? >> kimberly: the battle is half done. like gas prices and obamacare. >> greg: once we put somebody up against him -- >> juan: you know what? let's all sing together. ♪ hate obama ♪ hate obama
2:22 pm
♪ oh how we hate obama >> greg: that wasn't as bad as eric's song. >> juan: what about president obama singing al green? mother is suing u.c. berkeley after her son was left with brain damage from a drug binge. is the college or anyone else to blame? "the five" will be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter job on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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you can expect from liberty mutual. plus, when you insure both your home and car with us, it could save you time and money. at liberty mutual, we help you move on with your life, so get the insurance sponsible drivers like you deserve call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." this is a segment i like to call teen time. so how young is too young for your teen or your college-age kids to be responsible? there is a report today in the "san francisco chronicle" a mother is suing the university
2:27 pm
of california at berkeley for her son's drug overdose. her son was a 21-year-old junior, who took a mix of cocaine, marijuana, maybe others and he collapsed in his dorm and what is really unfortunate, he was living in a co-op. the other residents didn't call 911 quick enough. the woman suing the school because of brain damage her son secured, which is really a sad story. >> kimberly: it is. >> andrea: do they even have a case? you look at this and think parents send their kids off to school all the time. every semester. at some point, 21 years old, he has to take responsibility for himself. it's not the university of berkeley's fault. >> kimberly: that is the problem. it seems there is a technicality they own the facility, so they deal with a lot of dormitories and the fa ternty houses and fraternity houses lease them from the university. that in of itself, you know, amount to a legal obligation to pay for any harm, damage,
2:28 pm
disfigurement, any hos of life that would happen in a place like that? really, no, it doesn't. be responsible. over 18. >> brian: in the lawsuit house rules discourage students from calling the police or 911 directly. they want you to go see an r.a. so therefore they're guilty. this is a tragic story. roommate and girlfriend who gave him drugs and he does not wake up. they see his lips blue, they don't understand he is dying. they try to give him cpr, two hours later they call the cops and the mom wants money out of the college? that's embarrassing. >> andrea: we have a university of california graduate sitting to my left. greg gutfeld. >> greg: i was danieled by the curriculum. >> kimberly: did you learn anything there? >> juan: apparently not. >> greg: serious. a terrible story. it wasn't aware they discouraged the housing -- that definitely makes them culpable. i hope the family makes a
2:29 pm
fortune off berkeley because thaw're the nexus of the nancy state and it's time they got hit -- nanny state and it's time they were hit by their own ideology. terrible for this person. i do believe in individual responsibility. risk is involved everywhere. if you sued where you were injured you would haven't amusement parks or bars or restaurants. >> juan: wait a second. a minute ago because of your political brent you wanted to punish berkeley. we agree that that young man, sad as the case is, he should be responsible. grig >> greg: not if place said don't call the cops. >> andrea: students were following that. >> juan: you think when you send your kids off to college they don't do drugs? of course they do. they get high. >> kimberly: but are they responsible? what about drink toog much? greg? >> greg: in the housing don't do it they're cuppable.
2:30 pm
>> juan: they don't mean if someone is drying. they mean don't call a cop if someone is smoking a joint. >> brian: we should bring you two together bull it's not working. >> andrea: now to teens and your teen. several states are looking into bills to prohibit teens ten from going to tanning beds. they can get abortion and condoms without parental notification, but the tan, no no, no. can't do it in 18 states. west virginia, illinois, new york. pulling the plug on tanning bed usage. that depresses me. i use a tanning bed before the prom. when i was in high school and jis under age. a girl named jasmine called me too tan tantarus. a girl in my high school. you know what? >> kimberly: cute name.
2:31 pm
>> andrea: now i get spray tan. >> kimberly: i was going to say, don't reveal all of our secrets. >> greg: if you want to see the greatest tan, go to the park and look at a hobo. they are, they're gorgeous. >> juan: bronze. >> kimberly: eric bolling on the show has a gorgeous tan. look at this. >> brian: 70% of the people that tan are girls. girls under 29. young as 16. a small segment of society. >> andrea: would you let your daughter tan under 18? >> brian: that's tough. >> juan: i find this very, very discriminating. this is amazing to me, your people, your white folks given cancer -- >> andrea: liberals monitor this? >> juan: no, wait a minute. sun has health benefits. >> greg: vitamin "d."
2:32 pm
on behalf of the irish, stay away from the sun. >> brian: you blister and you bubble. >> kimberly: you look like bubble wrap. >> brian: exactly. my italian skin saves me to a degree. >> kimberly: we can't all be irk serk the moral of the segment. >> andrea: the big basketball weekend started in florida. linsanity hit a little bit of a speed bump. and rightfully recalled over sneakers. president obama wishes he was staying for all of it. of course he does. our resident sports guy, brian kilmeade is going to give us the low down. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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i'm john roberts in for bret baier in washington. the big story here today is another apology from the obama administration over the burning of muslim religious materials by u.s. troops in afghanistan. tonight on "special report,"
2:37 pm
we'll tell you where the latest apology occurred and who made it. this follows apologies that have already been issued by president obama, defense secretary leon panetta, and the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. meanwhile, there was more rioting in the country today over the incident. mike emanuel has that story for us tonight. secretary of state hillary clinton and her counterparts are trying to convince syria's leadership to track crackdown on dissent. gal jumped 4 cents a gallon. with that in mind, jim angle looks at president obama's record on oil production. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪
2:38 pm
in another life, i would be staying for the knicks-heat game tonight. [ applause ] then go to the n.b.a. all-star weekend. these days i have a few other things on hi plate. >> brian: linsanity sweeping the nation. even president obama cannot escape and choose it. we have to remember it was a few months ago, but all we talked about, especially kimberly, because the n.b.a. lockout. threatening the entire season! but that is partly to the new york knicks superstar jeremy lin ratings and revenue through roof. one of the most unique stories i can remember in my lifetime. last night he had his first experience as a human being. struggling against the best team in basketball, the heat. 8 378.3 turnovers.
2:39 pm
they were overpowered by the heat. in 15 games what has he done to sports world? put it in perspective. >> juan: you have the magazines -- >> brian: this is bigger than is sports world. >> juan: this speaks to the underdog, everybody's desire to prove they can do it. he cut, in the "d" league, he was praying to god and now he is talking to tim tebow he not get cut. look at the magazines. >> brian: for the 13th time only in history of "sports illustrated" back-to-back issues with lin on the cover. broadcasting and cable has him on the front cover. >> juan: they made a deal to get him on the cover. >> brian: elizabeth smart got married. that's good. but look at this. [ laughter ] the biggest sports person in world. china is crazy for this. how do you explain this?
2:40 pm
>> andrea: politics is my sport. how do i explain linsanity? he is maying in new york city, the biggest media market in the country. the knicks haven't had a lot of wins in a long time. even i know that. i'm glad they have a win. going back to what juan said, reported he talked to tim tebow. that jeremy lin is a christian like tim tebow. what i find interesting is the media does not want people to know that this kid who is on fire is a christian. >> juan: what are you talking about? >> andrea: david brooks from the "new york times" wrote a clam and basically goes after him demeaning life and religion are more complicated than sports and went on to talk about well, don't get your hopes up, buddy. life is more real than religion. why do they do this when there is a religious athlete? >> brian: do you think andrea is offbase and believe the show or -- [ laughter ] >> greg: i am troubled. if you can let me speak. number one, the idea of lin
2:41 pm
meeting with tebow, can by a fall on the wall in the conversation? i'd fall off the wall. >> kimberly: conspicuous right now. >> greg: i'm not wearing one. the most unique story in your lifetime, brian? this is the most unique story if your lifetime? what life stoppage time do you have? you know -- in your lifetime, what life do you have? i don't watch the knab n.b.a. because it's bigoted against the short people. >> juan: i was going to say mugsy boggs. >> greg: that is the exception. >> juan: i am impressed how many short people can do it. we love basketball. >> brian: this has every element of sports this goes beyond the sports world.
2:42 pm
underdog thing. he had to mail out tapes in high school -- >> greg: i did the same thing. it wasn't for basketball. >> brian: fantastic. >> greg: pretend like you never got one. >> kimberly: good for n.b.a. and the knicks. great story. good for kids out there on the bench. you will get a chance to get in. when you do, it's your moment. >> greg: good for media hype. >> kimberly: whatever. ticket sales are 27% for the knicks and number one team, forgetting the jerseys, they're in. >> brian: tim tebow and jeremy lin has done more for christianity than -- >> juan: wait, wait, wait. i'm not arguing with you. i don't think dolan was doing much anyway. >> andrea:/agree. >> juan: i think it's great for christianity and i hope more young men -- this is where i disagree with you on
2:43 pm
the brooks column. i thought the brooks column was how young men compete at the same time and love god and understand he has bigger games than the most fierce competition. >> kimberly: this is the ball. give it back. >> brian: fantastic. greg's favorite time of the year. when the hollywood elite all come together to stroke each other's ego. i said ego. he is going to give us a sneak peek when "the five" returns he promises. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait until the end of the quarter to think about your money... ♪ ...that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back, as the oscars edge closer like a diseaseed clown, a new study claims academy voters are way diverse than the movie going public. oscar voters are 94% white and 77% male.
2:48 pm
industry that sees america as racist is diverse as david duke rally. the median age is 62 so the hair is white and the follicles are as big as their feelings. if i was a cow they'd make me sick in every one of my four stomachs. i have two stomachs one just for fiddle faddal. but minorities aren't the only outsiders. folks you never see in the movies. an american soldier who is not a psycho. a christian not portrayed as wild-eyed nut. a corporate head who is corrupt. italian who is not a mobster. community activist who is just a protester living off the government. journalist who is a lefty propagandist and academic the same. all of these represent reality far more than movies because they're defined by the fake edginess of their attitude and how cleverly you can diss america. this matters. hollywood is how america talks to the world. why put a bunch of coddled
2:49 pm
geezers in charge of that? thanks to the relentless drone since the 1960s, no wonder the world hates us. america reflected what was in our movies, wouldn't you? the films don't reflect us at all. they are existing in the minds of starbuck socialists who hate our country, values and themselveses. which is why my favorite movie of the year is the one i made in mexico with an ostrich. it's still up on youtube despite the complaints. i take none of you have seen any of the best picture nominees? >> brian: "moneyball." >> greg: of course you did. >> kimberly: i heard it was good. >> brian: wasn't that kid. it was just brad pitt 100 different ways. >> greg: how can you not like brad pitt? >> kimberly: 100 different ways? >> andrea: sign me up. >> brian: no real conclusio conclusion. compared to how bad the a's are now. same system. >> greg: did you buy the system? >> brian: the premise is real. boston red sox did the same thing. but it petered out and
2:50 pm
everyone caught up. >> juan: i want to talk about what you said this the academy is all white and all male. women have a -- only one best director is a woman? >> kimberly: they're not as well represented but it's changing. hopefully -- >> juan: look at meryl streep, why he is never won -- freddie because you keep mispronouncing her name. >> andrea: he is has won like 11 times. >> juan: who am i thinking of? who played -- >> andrea: we are not moving -- meryl streep.
2:51 pm
are they looking for good actress or a hot blonde? the old guys are just looking for hot blondes. >> greg: i want to change. you saw "act of valor." >> kimberly: that is a great movie. if you want to spend money and let hollywood elite know what you like, it's fantastic. real active duty navy seals. >> greg: live fire. >> kimberly: live ammunition rounds fired in the movie. i hope they make another one. >> brian: strangest contribution today? the contribution from the movie segment with meryl streep. freddie we have to move on. what is your favorite movie? >> kimberly: "act of valor." >> juan: i saw "money ball" but not my favorite.
2:52 pm
>> brian: nothing to say. >> andrea: i didn't see any of them. >> greg: my favorite movie was "glee, the 3d concert movie." >> kimberly: which explains why you wouldn't wear the jersey. >> greg: "source code" was good. >> brian: i like the robot movie. >> andrea: you know how actors get in their roles really well? you getting in the role by dissing the tie. >> greg: if you remove and bob and add juan and subtract eric and add a kilmeade do you get a new thing? yes, one more thing is next. i'm going to put on my new sweater. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter job on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: time for one more thing. friday fix. we're joined now by the cadbury egg explosion across from me, greg gutfeld. >> greg: my one more thing is my cool new sweater. >> brian: look at that. >> greg: my wife got it for me and said please, please, greg, don't wear it ever on television. [ laughter ] >> juan: i'll say. this you are huggable. >> greg: you want to cuddle. >> kimberly: what can you do to top this? >> andrea: i'll try.
2:57 pm
do my best. earlier we talked about rush limbaugh and his nickname for me, tarantula. my mom is a huge rush fan and tried to call in and have fun with him. yesterday, he is go she got thr. >> we have andrea tarantula -- mrs. tarantula. welcome to the e.i.b. network. hello. >> hello, rush. i'm andrea's mom and i want to say, it fits. >> andrea: the problem is that wasn't really my mom. my poor mom. got bombarded with phone calls saying is that you? that wasn't me. she just wanted to have fun with him, but everyone that wasn't really my mom. is a huge rush fan, we'd have rush rooms in the back where people could come in and listen to rush. we had pictures of him behind the cash register. the tarantula women are psychod to have a nickname from el rushbo. >> kimberly: we love it. we love rush. >> juan: over the weekend,
2:58 pm
when -- >> brian: over the weekend when you were looking for me this is where i was. >> kimberly: you wish. > >> brian: my 11-year-old daughter on the right. the team won regional so they will go to anaheim for nationals. that is a former soccer pioneer in brazil. the ball keeps moving. the action never stops. even an anti-soccer guy like gutfeld and juan williams would enjoy this. >> juan: i'm not anti-soccer. >> brian: they did a fantastic job leading the women. >> andrea: we love soccer players. >> kimberly: yes, we love them. you are a great coach. you do a lot for kids. >> brian: i was just a parent this week. >> kimberly: great parent. it's good. >> juan: yesterday, i spoke with pat buchanan who just got his contract terminated by msnbc for guess what? apparently saying things that they didn't want to hear. i said you know what, pat? i had the same experience. i got kicked off of npr.
2:59 pm
apparently i was a bad guy, called a bigot. schieffer what i had to say -- so here is what i had to say to pat. >> some of the organizations, they monitor every word you say. they work at night and they go to, try to get rid of him, get rid of the column. they're a blacklisting organization. that's what they do. >> juan: pat is right. people are looking to vilify you. one of the ironies of my whole life is there are too many people on the left who apparently think gee, you shouldn't say that, you shouldn't be allowed to say that. >> kimberly: you're right. you're a total winner. you are here. for my one more thing on behalf of us at "the five" thank you and hearts are breaking here on the table, because megan albino, the line producer, there she is. today is her last day. she got a promotion and moving forward to another assignment. we wish her the best. >> greg: not me. i don't wish her the best.


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